Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make Bath Time... Sensual!

Baby it's cold outside! What better way to warm up than in a nice, steamy bath full of luxurious, sensually scented bubbles?  Make it extra special, and make it a bath for two!

A bubble bath for two is a great way to unwind, relax, and get into the mood.

Intimate Organics carries a range of unique, aromatherapy bath products in 3 scents.

Sensual - Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry - Imagine the scent rich, chocolate covered raspberries. So good you can almost taste it!

Relaxing - Lemongrass and Coconut - Like a refreshing Thai desert.  Sweet and sexy, like a walk on the beach!

Energizing - Fresh Orange and Wild Ginger - Truly awakens the senses! Fresh citrus with the zing of ginger.  It will definitely get you going in the morning!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Package Deals in the Shop!

Try all 7 of our flavored lubricants (4ml each) for just $16.99 +s/h
 Looking to try out multiple Intimate Organics products? We have just added sample packs of our Enhancement Gels, Flavored Lubes, and full size sets of our Anal Lubricant & Relaxing Spray, as well as an ENERGIZING Spa Package!
Buy our SOOTHE Anal Lubricant (120ml) with our ADVENTURE Anal Relaxing Spray TOGETHER for only  $31.99 +s/h

ENERGIZE yourself with our ENERGIZING Spa Pack - receive a full size massage oil, foot foreplay lotion and foaming bath for $38.99 +s/h

New Items and a new SALE ZONE Added to the Shop!!!

We just added a NEW SALE ZONE to our Shop!  We have also just added these Temporary Tattoo Packs.  These premium tattoos are waterproof, flirty, and last for 2-5 days! They are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  A great way to get the look without the commitment.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Most HEALTHY Flavored Lube!

Holistic Wisdom recently chose Intimate Organics NEW Flavored Lube collection as their MOST HEALTHY Flavored lubricant! Read what some happy customers have had to say about our flavored lube collection, and Holistic Wisdom:

I just got my Intimate Organics lube and used it last night with my husband and we LOVE it. I am a Pralines & Cream fanatic as it is my favorite ice cream in the world and now, I get to have it for oral sex too! The flavor is fantastic and I love that you offer such health conscious products. I highly recommend this lubricant to your other customers.Caroline - Clare, MI