Friday, January 14, 2011

Woman of the Month

Rebecca Powley
Director of Business Development,
Intimate Organics

What is your role and responsibility at Intimate Organics?
Since we are a small company I wear many hats. I create the
ideas for the new products — (look for our Great New Organic
Extract Lube line — it just came out after working on it for
almost a year!). I am also director of business development for
our international department. For example, I have been working
for over a year to bring our company into the Middle East which
is coming to a head soon. I am also a big PR person for our
Describe a typical Monday at your desk.
Going through hundreds of emails and trying to catch up on
what I couldn’t get done last week! I plan out the week’s
schedules for product development, PR/advertising and international
development. I do try and sneak out to go for a run to
clear my head everyday.
What is the biggest challenge of being a woman in the
adult business?
I honestly don’t see the challenge the way women probably
did even 10 years ago. I think a big reason for that is many of
the owners, buyers and vendors are women as well! I have a
great relationship with our buyers and also our vendors and
they treat me with a considerable amount of respect. Since
we are not at all in the porn side of it and our products are
quality formulas with beautiful packaging I feel no reason to
feel shy of what our company does!
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Experiences such as when I went for dinner with a high school
friend that I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years. When I gave her
my business card, she recognized the Intimate Organics logo
because her husband had bought her our whole collection over
Christmas and she was so impressed that it was the company
I represent! I love that people love our products so much and
nothing gives me a bigger thrill than breaking ground in a new
country. For example, we have just entered the South African
market as of last week. It makes me proud!
How do you maintain balance in your life?
That is a very difficult task. I have a four year-old son who is
at the moment madly in love with me and wants every
moment of my time (I am sure that will change!). It is hard
struggling to keep up with all the new business and spend
quality time with my son and husband. I literally schedule
“dates” with both of them. I am hoping that in the very near
future I can have more time to spend with friends and family.
It is a very challenging role that I play and it can really have
you burning the candle at both ends. If any one has some
advice on this I would love to hear it!

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